Chris McLean


Chris McLean, labeled The Host With the Most , was the host of half of Total Drama Superstar. He cameoed in Episode 6. He is the confirmed host for Total Drama Around The World.

Total Drama Superstar Appearances

  • Episode 6: "Out With the Old, In With the New!"
  • Episode 7: "3 Week Anniversary"
  • Episode 8: "That Wasn't Chocolate"
  • Episode 9: "I'm Going To Be Sick"
  • Episode 10: "We Like To Party!"
  • Episode 11: "Kumquats"
  • Episode 12: "MPD Mayhem"
  • Episode 14: "Not On My Watch!"
  • Episode 15: "It's Finally Over!"

Total Drama Around the World Appearances:

  • Episode 1: "We're Doing What?"
  • Episode 2: "That's A Ham"
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